Servo Motor - Micro Size - SG92R

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Micro servo sg92r
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This tiny micro size servo motor comes with carbon fibre gears and weighs just 9 grams. It operates at 4.8V and provides a stall torque of 2.5

Servo motors are a type of brush DC motors with some extra features that make them ideal for use in robotics and in RC planes. Servo motors are used for angular motion and we can accurately know the angle in which the motor is rotated at any particular point. Most commonly servo motors rotate 90º on either side from the central starting point.


Weight 9g
Stall Torque 2.5 Kg/cm (4.8V)
Operating Voltage 4.8V
Temperature Range 0 to 55 ºC
Operating Speed 0.1sec / 60degree (4.8v)
Dimensions 23 x 12.2 x 27 mm
Gears Carbon Fiber Gears