EZO-PMP Pump Kit

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Ezo pmp pump kit 6586678737
  • Ezo pmp pump kit 6586678737
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  • Ezo-Pump kit from Atlas Scientific
  • Includes a peristaltic pump with controller, a pump tube & connector, a power supply, etc.
  • Also comes with a data cable and a 10ml graduated cylinder
  • Can be used to dispense liquids with a +/-1% accuracy
  • Supplied Tubing: 61cm
  • Tubing Data Protocol: UART & I2C

The EZO-PMP Pump Kit is a small peristaltic dosing pump and serial controller with all the parts needed to set up a nice home lab environment. The EZO-PMP inside each kit is a small, intelligently designed peristaltic pump that can be used to dispense liquids with a +/-1% accuracy (with calibration). With four modes of operation — continuous and volumetric dispensing, constant flow rate and dose over time — this embedded dosing pump kit is perfect for repeatable and reliable measurements.

EZO-PMP Pump Kit- Click to Enlarge

The pump can simply connect to any TTL UART (such as an FTDI USB bridge or an Arduino RX/TX line) or I2C device. It is equipped with an easy-to-read RGB LED with multiple color codes to help define any situation the EZO-PMP is in. Each EXO-PMP runs at 3.3V–-5V for logic and 12V–24V for the motor and has plenty of example code for multiple formats to get you up and running in no time!

What's Included

EZO-PMP Pump Kit- Click to Enlarge

  • 1x Peristaltic Pump with Controller
  • 2x 1-inch Long Pump Tube
  • 2x Inline Tubing Connector
  • 1x 12V Power Supply
  • 1x Power Supply Connector
  • 1x Data Cable
  • 1x 10ml Graduated Cylinder (for calibration)


  • Flow Rate: 0.5ml to 105ml/mins
  • Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Modes of Operation: Continuous Dispensing, Volume Dispensing, Constant Flow Rate, Dose Over Time
  • Calibration: Single Point
  • Supplied Tubing: 61cm
  • Tubing Size: Any 5mm O.D. Tubing
  • Data Protocol: UART & I2C
  • Default I2C Address: 103 (0x67)
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V–5V (Logic), 12V–24V (Motor)
  • Pump Head: 2m
  • Data Format: ASCII

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