Platinum RTD Sensor - PT1000 - 3 Wire

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PT100 RTD (Resistance Temeprature Detectors) is a precision temperature sensor used in a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. "PT1000" indicates that the sensor has a resistance of 1000 ohms at 0°C and is made of platinum (Pt), a highly stable and inert metal ideal for temerature measurement applications.

The basic working principle of the platinum RTD sensor is based on the positive temperature coefficient of platinum. As temperature increases, the resistance of the platinum wire increases in a predictable manner. This resistance change can be measured and converted into a temperature reading using a precision instrument. Thus the platinum element is housed in a probe to protect it from physical damage and contamination, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments.

The primary advantage of a PT1000 sensor is its accuracy and stability over time, offers greater precison than most NTC/PTC thermistors, thermocouples and other types of temperature sensors with accuracy levels of ±0.5°C. This PT1000 offers a measurement range from -50°C to +280°C.


Specifications for Platinum RTD PT1000 Sensor

Model PT1000
Wire Interface 3 Wire
Probe Stainless Steel Tube
Probe Diameter 4mm
Probe Length 30mm (May differ as per stock)
Cable Length 1m
Temperatyre Range -50°C to +280°C


PT1000 sensors can be connected in different configurations to measure the resistance changes. The most common configurations are two-wire, three-wire, and four-wire connections. The three-wire and four-wire configurations are used to eliminate the effects of wire resistance, which can introduce errors in the temperature measurement, making these configurations more accurate for precise applications.


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