Leap Motion Controller with SDK

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The Leap Motion Controller from Ultraleap is an optical hand tracking module that captures the movement of users’ hands and fingers so they can interact naturally with digital content. Small, fast, and accurate, the Leap Motion Controller can be used for productivity applications with Windows computers, integrated into enterprisegrade hardware solutions or displays, or attached to virtual/augmented reality headsets for AR/VR/XR prototyping, research, and development.

Leap Motion Controller

The controller is capable of tracking hands within a 3D interactive zone that extends up to 60cm (24”) or more, extending from the device in a 140x120° typical field of view. Leap Motion‘s software is able to discern 27 distinct hand elements, including bones and joints, and track them even when they are obscured by other parts of the hand.



Leap Motion Controller Specification

  • Power Supply
    5V DC via USB connector (minimum 0.5A)
  • Data Connection
    USB 2.0 (Packaged with USB 2/3 hybrid cable)
  • Ingress Protection
    Splash Resistant
  • Mounting Methods
    May be placed on a desktop, mounted on a VR headset using the Leap Motion VR Developer Mount (https://www.ultraleap.com/product/vr-developer-mount/), or recessed into a larger hardware installation.
  • Cameras
    Two 640x240-pixel near-infrared cameras; spaced 40 millimetres apart; with infrared-transparent window, operate in the 850 nanometre +/-25 spectral range; typically operates at 120Hz; capable of image capture within 1/2000th of a second.
  • Camera Interface
    Experimental Universal Video Class (UVC) release provides access to low-level controls such as LED brightness, gamma, exposure, gain, resolution, etc.; examples in C, Python, and Matlab, as well as OpenCV bindings.
  • LEDs
    Three, spaced on either side and between the cameras, baffled to prevent overlaps.
  • Construction
    Aluminium and scratch-resistant glass
  • Storage Temperature
    14º to 122º F (-10º to 50º C)
  • Relative Humidity
    5% to 85% (non-condensing)
  • Operating Altitude
    0 to 10,000 feet (0 to 3048 meters)
  • Compliance
  • Minimum System Requirements (Desktop):
    Windows® 7+ or Mac® OS X 10.7 (note that OSX is no longer formally supported); AMD Phenom™ II or Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processor; 2 GB RAM; USB 2.0 port. VR headsets may come with their own system requirements.

Example applications for Leap Motion Controller

  • Touchless public interfaces (interactive kiosks, digital out-of-home,elevators)
  • Entertainment (location-based VR/AR experiences, arcades, amusement parks)
  • Healthcare (stroke rehabilitation, training, mirror, medical imaging, lazy eye treatment)
  • Therapy and education (anatomic visualizations, hands-on learning)
  • Personnel training (flight simulators, complex computer systems)
  • Industrial design and engineering (automotive, assembly lines, facilities management)
  • Robotics (telepresence, robotic controls, AI-assisted teaching)
  • Remote collaboration
Leap Motion Controller

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The future is a place where infinite worlds are at your fingertips. One where you interact naturally and in 3D. One where you don’t need controllers. Ultraleap was formed when Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics came together in 2019. We’ve united the world’s most advanced hand tracking with the only haptic technology that creates the sensation of touch in mid-air. We have a team of more than 150 spread across the world, with locations in Silicon Valley, US and Bristol, UK. Our team includes world-leading experts in interface design, acoustics, machine learning, and computer vision.

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