Heatsink for Raspberry Pi Zero / 3 / 4

Raspberry Pi
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These tiny metallic wonders are here to keep the temperature cool while your Pi works hard. Crafted with care from quality aluminum or copper, they are experts at drawing heat away swiftly and efficiently.

Installation is a breeze, with each heatsink sticking securely yet non-permanently, ready to protect without a fuss. The kit comes with heatsinks in different sizes, each designed to fit snugly on the various chips, providing all-around cooling without adding any bulk.

In their quiet, unobtrusive way, these lightweight heatsinks ensure your Raspberry Pi 4 stays cool and performs at its best, extending its life and letting you enjoy a seamless, worry-free experience. Let them guard your Pi, silently and efficiently!


  • Material:
    High-quality aluminum or copper
  • Thermal Conductivity:
    Efficient heat dissipation
  • Adhesive Tape:
    • Conductive for improved thermal transfer
    • Non-permanent for easy installation and removal
  • Sizes:
    Multiple, varied sizes to fit different chips on Raspberry Pi 4
  • Design:
    • Low profile and lightweight
    • Unobtrusive aesthetic
  • Functionality:
    • Provides cooling to heat-sensitive components
    • Prevents overheating during prolonged use or demanding tasks
  • Compatibility:
    Designed for Raspberry Pi 4
  • Installation:
    Easy to install with adhesive backing
  • Package:
    Kit typically includes multiple heatsinks for holistic temperature management


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