TO-220 Clip-On Heatsink

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To 220 clip on heatsink 7710220044
  • To 220 clip on heatsink 7710220044
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Get the most out of your regulators, transistors and other TO-220 packaged chips by clipping on a heat-sink. Your transistor or regulator may advertise it can handle high currents but when multiplied by the drop voltage, the Wattage may be too high for the bare chip! Most TO-220's can disipate about 2W's worth without a sink.

This basic, and easy-to-use 23°C/W sink will let you burn about 4 Watts of power through a TO-220 (assuming an ambient temperature of 25°C and max die temp of 150°C). No screws or thermal paste required. For more detailed calculations, check out the Daycounter heatsink calc


Dimensions 21.5mm x 10.2mm x 19.2mm
Weight 1.88g