SparkFun Beginner Parts Kit

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  • Sparkfun beginner parts kit 9639370994
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The SparkFun Beginner Parts Kit is a small container of parts frequently used by beginning (or even experienced) hobbyists that gives you all of the basic through-hole components you will need to get started playing with embedded projects. These are the “bubble gum” parts that we regularly use or have often seen requested in classes. Inside this kit you will find a good starter assortment of caps, ICs, regulators, diodes and good-for-blinky LEDs. This kit also features our Adjustable Parts Box for better organization.

This assortment of parts makes a great gift for beginner and advanced electronics nerds! Whether you’re starting an electronics collection, or just refilling, the Beginner Parts Kit will have a lot of what you need.

You may notice there are no resistors in this kit. We recommend purchasing the resistor kit listed below for all the resistor values you may need.

Kit Includes: