“Shake” 8*8 LED Matrix

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Shake 8 star 8 led matrix 623130037
  • Shake 8 star 8 led matrix 623130037
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To shy to confess? A beating heart might help you out. Express it. Display it, with this tiny, portable, magic LED matrix! 

This tiny display has 64 red LEDs packed into a 8*8 dot matrix. It integrated ATmega32u4 as MCU and has built-in onboard shock sensor, with which you can display pre-programmed image when the module is shaked. It also comes with a 140mah Lipo battery which can last for 4 hours of displaying. It is great for displaying image/text or creating bizarre patterns, and is highly portable and convienient to use. Of course you can program it via IDE or via Mind+ graphically. With just a few steps, you are ready to impress others!

a beating heart


playing flappy bird on matrix


  • Gift 
  • Kid toy
  • Gaming
  • you name it


  • MCU: ATmega32U4
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Clock Frequency: 16M
  • Interface: MicroUSB
  • Dot-Matrix: 8x8 monochromatic dot matrix (Common Cathode)
  • Size: 32mm*32mm*16mm
  • Power Supply: MicroUSB power supply or internal 3.7V/140mAH lithium batteries
  • Interactive Devices: touch button (analog ports A1), vibration switch (analog ports A0), power switch
  • Programming Environments: Mind+ or Arduino IDE
  • Bootloader: Arduino Leonardo



  • “Shake” 8*8 LED Matrix  ×1
  • Magnet Micro USB Cable (1.2m)  ×1