Practical Electronics For Inventors

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Want to learn electronics the easy way? Practical Electronics For Inventors, 3rd Edition is the one of the best selling books for Electronics beginners. It takes practical approach to learning electronics instead of going deep into the Physics. This book explains the electronics concepts in a way that's easier to understand and requires minimal knowledge of high level Mathematics. The thoroughness of the book also makes it an excellent reference book even for the experienced engineers.

"If there is a successor to Make: Electronics, then I believe it would have to be Practical Electronics for Inventors....perfect for an electrical engineering student or maybe a high school student with a strong aptitude for electronics....I’ve been anxiously awaiting this update, and it was well worth the wait."--GeekDad (

Table of contents

Part I - Theory
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Theory
Part II - Devices
Chapter 3. Basic Electronic Components
Chapter 4. Discrete Semiconductors
Chapter 5. Optoelectronics
Chapter 6. Sensors
Chapter 7. Hands-on Electronics
Part III - Design
Chapter 8. Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 9. Filters
Chapter 10. Oscillators and Timers
Chapter 11. Voltage Regulators and Power Supplies
Chapter 12. Digital Electronics
Chapter 13. Microcontrollers
Chapter 14. Electromechanical Devices
Chapter 15. Audio Electronics
Chapter 16. Applied Electronics
Part IV - Appendixes
Appendix A. Power Distribution and Home Wiring
Appendix B. Error Analysis
Appendix C. Useful Facts and Formulas
Appendix D. Component Data, List of Logic ICs, Foreign Semiconductor Codes