Modular 4 DOF Robot Arm- Open Loop (Carbon Fiber)

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Modular 4 dof robot arm open loop carb 5999828405

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• Modular ARM package
• Carbon fiber segments
• Velocity control
• Servos are included

Introducing the Modular 4 DOF Robot Arm- Open Loop (Carbon Fiber). This is an assembled Modular Arm package using 6 inch carbon fiber segments and 4 Industrial grade Torxis servos. All joints use i01859 servos. The base joint travel is limited only by cabling. All other joints provide approximately 120 degrees of travel.

Modular 4 DOF Robot Arm- Open Loop (Carbon Fiber)- Click to Enlarge

The included super high torque black industrial servo features 1600 oz-in, (3200 oz-in, 22.6 N-m peak) at 12 VDC, 60 degrees in 1000 ms, RC PWM input signal and open loop velocity control. This is a great way to create a low-cost customized industrial robot.


• 12VDC Main Supply Power
• RC PWM control signals
• 0.120 in thick formed aluminum couplings
• Black anodized aluminum parts
• Ball bearing pivot
• Stainless steel hardware
• 60 degrees / second at all joints