MiniQ 2WD Plus Control Board

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Miniq 2wd plus control board 9508049286
  • Miniq 2wd plus control board 9508049286
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  • Miniq 2wd plus control board 9068972791

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Want more for your MiniQ robot? This add-on is a multi-purpose extension board specially designed for desktop robot . It is fully compatible with the Arduino Leonardo, as well as various Arduino expansion shields with easy stacking-on. Add all kinds of sensors with IO Expansion shield, motor shields, WiFi shields to your own robot, just imagine! Want more? There is also a huge prototyping area on it with a lot of pads, which allows prototyping. This board can act as the main controller for desktop robot to be a two wheel self-balance robot. It also works as MiniQ's port expansion board, via onboard Gadgeteer interface used for communication between two boards, which is amazing.


  • Microcontroller: Atmega 32u4
  • Accelerometer chip:ADXL345
  • Gyroscope chip: ITG3205
  • Digital I/O port: total 23(D17 is for RX LED)
  • 5V D/A port max allowable current: 40 mA
  • Compatible standard Arduino interface
  • Supply program download by USB
  • 7 PWM channel
  • 1 xbee interface(Serial1)
  • 1 1-Wire Bus RGB light
  • 1 installing hole of 9g servo



  • MiniQ 2WD PLUS x1
  • Gadgeteer Cable x1