Mikroe mikroLAB for Tiva

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mikroLab for Tiva is a complete solution for developing with Texas Instruments’ Tiva C Series MCUs. The kit contains an EasyMx PRO v7 for Tiva C Series, a mikroC for ARM compiler license, additional accessories, and a free license for Visual TFT (valued at $99).

About Tiva

First introduced by Texas Instruments in 2013, Tiva C Series are the first ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCUs to be built on 65 nanometer flash process technology. The mikroProg programmer/debugger aboard the EasyMx PRO v7 for Tiva C Series development board supports 55 chips (there’s also an alternative Cortex Debugger).

The hardware and software are designed to work with each other seamlessly, allowing you to reach maximum productivity while exploring the possibilities of Tiva C Series.