Mikroe mikroLAB for PIC32

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Mikroe mikrolab for pic32 7297788770

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Choose the language that suits you:

mikroC is the most popular choice, and you'll be able to find a lot of free code and tutorials – as well as freelance opportunities — that use or ask for mikroC.

mikroBasic is the best choice for beginners because of the simple syntax and clear code.

mikroPascal encapsulates strong data types, very nice syntax, and has probably the best balance between simplicity and control.

About PIC32

It’s everything you need for developing with Microchip’s high-performance line of 32-bit MCUs based on the MIPS M4K core. This includes PIC32MX devices, but also the new and ground-breaking PIC32MZ family (one of fastest microcontrollers on the market with 200 MHz and 330 DMIPS).

EasyPIC Fusion v7 also supports PIC24 and dsPIC33 MCUs – giving you some additional options should you decide to branch out in the future.