Mikroe mikroLAB for mikromedia - PIC18FK - mikroC

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Mikroe mikrolab for mikromedia pic18fk 3232682901
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Box of wonders

Open the box full of wonders. Start development right away, everything you could need is there.

It’s the perfect toolbox - the mikromedia workStation v7 is the best development environment for mikromedia boards –  your stepping stone. The Visual TFT software and compiler license will launch you into full creativity mode; you don’t need to worry about the code, the Visual TFT will generate it automatically in the background, you just concentrate on the design.

mikroBUS™ connector on the mikromedia workStation v7 will allow you to add more than 300 functionalities to the project.

What’s in the box

Each kit includes a mikromedia board, Visual TFT software license, compiler license, software installation on USB card, a mikroBUS Shield for mikromedia, mikromedia workStation v7, Touch pen for the screen, mini USB and USB type A to B cable, microSD card (4GB), and 30 pieces of wire jumpers.

mikromedia for PIC18FK

The colorful 320x240 TFT display with touchscreen and Stereo MP3 Codec chip will give you the boost you need in your graphic interface design. 

You can save pictures, sounds and other media files on microSD memory card and 8Mbit Serial Flash Memory.

On-board PIC18FK is preprogrammed with fast USB HID bootloader, so it’s ready to work right out of the box.

mikromedia workStation v7

The mikromedia workStation v7 features the on-board debugger, multimedia modules, four mikroBUS host sockets and a large breadboard area. Abstract pin names irrelevant of target mikromedia will bring you enormous flexibility and portability of your code for to supported architecture.