Mikroe EasyPIC FUSION v7 MCUcard with PIC32MX460F512L

Product ID: 8175
Mikroe easypic fusion v7 mcucard with pi 8848174670

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PIC32MX460F512L has 80MHz maximum frequency, 512K bytes of program memory (flash), 32K bytes of data memory. It has USB (OTG, Host, Device), 85 General purpose I/O pins, 5 16-bit timers, 10-bit ADC (16 ch), 2 UARTs, internal 8 MHz and 32kHz oscillators, internal Real time clock (RTC), 2 I2C, 2 SPI controllers. It also contains 2 analog comparators and programming and debugging interface.

8MHz crystal oscillator. We carefully chose the most convenient crystal value that provides clock frequency which can be used directly, or with the PLL multipliers to create higher MCU clock value. MCU card also contains 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator which provides external clock waveform for RTCC module.

USB communications lines. These two jumpers, when in USB position, connect D+ and D- lines of the on-board USB connector with RG2 and RG3 microcontroller pins. Since PIC32MX460F512L supports USB, jumpers are in USB position.