MaxBotix MB1010 LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 Ultrasonic Sensor

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Maxbotix ultrasonic rangefinder lv ez1 lv ez1 number 1
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LV-EZ1 Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder provides very short to long-range detection and ranging, in an incredibly small package. It can detect objects from 0-inches to 254-inches (6.45-meters) and provides sonar range information from 6-inches out to 254-inches with 1-inch resolution. (Objects from 0 inches to 6-inches range as 6-inches.) The interface output formats included are pulse width output (PWM), analog voltage output (Vcc/512 volts per inch), and serial digital output (9600 baud).

A good sensor for when a Sharp IR distance sensor won't cut it. For example of using this with an Arduino, see the Halloween Pumpkin project.


Dimensions15.52mm/0.61in x 22.36mm/0.88in x 20.0mm/0.79in
Weight4.23 grams