JTAG Cable Adapter Board - 2x10 2.54mm to 2x5 1.27mm

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Jtag cable adapter board
  • Jtag cable adapter board
  • Jtag with segger j link edu
  • Jtag size
  • Jtag top
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This adapter board is designed for adapting a 'classic' 2x10 (0.1"/2.54mm pitch) JTAG cable to a slimmer 2x5 (1.27mm pitch) SWD Cable. It's helpful for using products like the JTAGulator or SEGGER J-Link with tiny boards that use the 10-pin SWD programming connector.

This board comes with no cables. It's really just the adapter - but is super helpful when you want to use JTAG debugging on boards that can't support 2x10 cables.