HDMI Plug Breakout Board

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  • Hdmi plug breakout board 1533679686
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Make your own custom HDMI cable or HDMI interface with ease, using this HDMI Plug to Breakout. You get a nice solid PCB with an HDMI plug and through hole pads that you can solder to assemble your own wiring jigs. You can add in some terminal blocks to make the wiring easier, or check out the HDMI Plug to Terminal Block Breakout which comes with them built in.

If you just need a plain HDMI cable, we have plenty and it's less expensive to just buy a standard cable than DIY it. So, we recommend this adapter when you have some unusual setup or wiring needs like splicing off the I2C or power pins.

Comes with one breakout and a clip-on housing.

Product Dimensions: 50.6mm x 25.0mm x 16.5mm / 2.0" x 1.0" x 0.6"

Product Weight: 10.0g / 0.4oz