Genuine Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station

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Hakko fx 8000d soldering station
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Hakko FX-888D is one of the most popular Soldering Iron used and recommended by engineers and professionals. This is a digital version of famous Hakko FX-888 model. It is 100% original soldering station by Hakko, Japan and not a cheap Chinese knock off.

Hakko is known for the quality construction, accuracy and elegant looks. It makes every electronics desk stand out. Once you go Hakko, you never go back. It heats up fast and it will make you look like a soldering expert. It is a tool you wish you'd bought sooner.

If you do a lot of soldering or you always try to run away from soldering, we recommend this tool. You will have less cold joints due to it's temperature precision. This is a must have tool if you are using Lead Free solder.


Power Consumption70 Watts
Input Voltage220V AC
Output Voltage26V AC for Soldering Iron
Power Consumption65W @ 26V AC (Soldering Iron)
Temperature Range120° - 899°F (50° - 480°C)
Heater TypeCeramic Heater
Temperature Stability±1.8°F (1.0°C)
Temperature ControlClosed-loop sensor
Dimensions100(W) x 120(H) x 120(D) mm
Weight1.2 kg
ESD SafeYes