GoPiGo3 Beginner Starter Kit

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  • Gopigo3 beginner starter kit 2198270695
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  • Includes everything you need to get started
  • Has distance sensor
  • Power Supply Wall Adapter (110-240V)
  • Try them out yourself and make something new

GoPiGo is a robot car! The GoPiGo3 Beginner Starter Kit is a complete kit to build your own robot car. GoPiGo works at the level you’re at — whether you are a parent looking for a smart, fun weekend project to do with your kid, a teacher looking for a way to increase engagement in your science course, or a grad student in need of a platform for your robotics research that requires mobility.  The GoPiGo is stacked on top of the Raspberry Pi without the need for any other connections. Communication between the two occurs over the I2C interface. You can connect motors and sensors to the GoPiGo.

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The GoPiGo has 4 ports on it on which various Grove Sensors can be connected. There is an Analog, Digital, Serial and I2C port on the GoPiGo. There is also a connector to connect the Servo motors and another connector to connect upto 3 line sensors on the GoPiGo.  All the motor control and sensor I/O on the GoPiGo is done by an ATMEGA328 microcontroller on the GoPiGo. The microcontroller acts as an interpreter between the Raspberry Pi and the GoPiGo. It sends, receives, and executes commands sent by the RaspberryPi.

What's Included

GoPiGo3 Beginner Starter Kit- Click to Enlarge

  • GoPiGo3 Base Kit
  • Screwdriver for assembly
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • GoPiGo Servo Package
  • Distance Sensor
  • microSD Card with Dexter Industries custom DexterOS software
  • 8GB USB Drive (used for updating software and storing photos and files, but comes empty)
  • Power Supply Wall Adapter (110-240V)


GoPiGo3 Beginner Starter Kit- Click to Enlarge

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