Flexinol Moving Butterfly (Urania)

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Flexinol moving butterfly urania 6665025574
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Elegant moving Urania Butterfly
Make terrific gifts for nature lovers, gardeners, yoga and meditation enthusiasts
Legs are similar to floral wire to accommodate easy attachment to plants and other surfaces

The Dynalloy Flexinol® Moving Butterfly is an electric moving butterfly that will last for years. Just plug in your Dynalloy Flexinol® Moving Butterflyand enjoy its relaxing, silent motion without the need to replacebatteries. These unique butterflies make great gifts for butterflylovers, indoor gardeners and nature enthusiasts.

Use them onplants, flower arrangements, picture frames, computer monitors, or forany indoor decorative purpose. In addition to your living room, bedroom,or den, the Dynalloy Flexinol® Moving Butterflies arewonderful decorative accessories for garden rooms, children's rooms, andschool classrooms. Create a calming ambiance anywhere in your home oroffice.

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