Elenco Line Tracking Mouse

Product ID: 6974
Elenco line tracking mouse 5552007819

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  • Line tracking mouse kit uses three photo interruptors to track a dark line on a white backgroud
  • Incorporates a microphone for sound activated on/off
  • Ages 14 and up. Quick to assemble and requires soldering

The Line Tracking Mouse Kit will follow a black line drawn on white paper. Create the road layout with black electronic tape or draw it with a black marker. Line Tracking Mouse uses 3 photo interrupters as its "eyes" which distinguishes black and white by projecting infrared rays.

Simple hand tools required for assembly (screw driver, pliers).

Requires 4xAA Batteries (sold separately)

What's Included

• Line tracking mouse kit frame and body
• Two sets of gear motors
• Two printed circuit boards
• Wiring