Easy Roller Robot Wheel Kit EZR1 (Silver)

Product ID: 5517
Easy roller robot wheel kit ezr1 silver 5143118398

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12V - 200RPM - 3.6Kg-cm torque DC gear head motor - silver
Wide foam wheel 2.5" x 1.5"
Sturdy aluminum wheel mount
Mounting hardware included

The Solutions Cubed Easy Roller Robot Wheel Kit EZR1 (Silver) is a versatile robot wheel mounting system. The Easy Roller Wheel Kit is designed to simplify mechanical mounting requirements for small robotic projects. This product replaces mechanical mounting systems with a dependable solid structure and provides an easy-to-implement method of engineering a skid-steering drive system.

When used in conjunction with a motor controller and a microcontroller, a complete skid-steering drive control system may be rapidly implemented.

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