AA Boost Module V2

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  • Aa boost module v2 2725226955
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The AA boost Module is DFrobot's exclusive product. One of its key features is solving the 5V battery power supply problem. As we all know, one AA battery is 1.5V , with two or three you still cannot get 5V. Now with this AA boost module, insert two dry batteries, flip the power switch, and you have a 5V output to power your circuit. Two AA batteries will be enough to reach standard 5V easily and convenient to use, which also provides a more simple supply scheme to Arduino sensors and controllers.

This AA boost module integrates with the boost chip TPS61032 from TI that is capable of outputing 5V@1A with input over 1.8V. The only difference between V1 and V2 is changing the output current from 2A to 1A.


  • Arduino Sensors,Controllers and so on


  • Input voltage: 1.8V - 4.5V
  • Maximum Output voltage:5V
  • Maximum Output current:1A
  • size:62*33mm(2.44*1.30")



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