8 x AA battery holder

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8 x aa battery holder 11022114
  • 8 x aa battery holder 11022114
  • 8 x aa battery holder 1411130
  • 8 x aa battery holder 1024002
  • 8 x aa battery holder 10431003
  • 8 x aa battery holder 4404030
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When you need a portable 12V power pack, this big holder will do the job! The holder will store 8 AA batteries end to end, to give approximately 12VDC output with up to 2 amp peak current draw. We like this configuration in particular because it holds the batteries securely, even if being bumped/moved around.
This would make a good power source for EL panels, 12V stepper motors (for a robot), or analog LED strip such as 30 RGB LED, 60 LED RGB or warm white). You may want to pick up a DC power plug adapter to connect onto the wires for easy plugging.

Batteries are not included, can be used with any AA-sized Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries.