±7g Triple Axis Accelerometer MicroSensor

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Plus 7g triple axis accelerometer microsenso 2277875320
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  • Precision 3-axes accelerometer for RC models
  • Measures up to 8g (at least 7g) in 3-axes
  • Resolution: 0.05G (approx.) in each axis
  • Built-in 7 segment LED display

The ±7g Triple Axis Accelerometer MicroSensor is a precision 3 axis accelerometer that constantly measures change in acceleration in the X, Y and Z axes. The G-Force meters for RC models. The low G sensor measures up to 8g (at least 7g) in each of the 3 axes. For standalone mode, simply plug the sensors into a spare receiver channel or small battery (4V to 6V) and fly your model. Then, when you land, your maximum acceleration (G's) will display on the built-in 7 segment LED. No configuration, additional equipment or computer required.

±7g Triple Axis Accelerometer MicroSensor


  • Acceleration recording limits: At least +/- 7g (up to 8g) in in each axis
  • Power input (standalone mode): 4V to 6V
  • Calibration: Precalibrated

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  • Size: 28mm x 16mm x 10mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 4g (approx.)