5V Power Adapter 3A with Micro USB Cable

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5v power adapter 2a
  • 5v power adapter 2a
  • 5v power adapter 2a with micro usb connector
  • 5v power adapter 2a information label
  • 5v power adapter 2a top
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Note: Depending on the lot, the shape of the adapter may change but the quality and specifications are same.

Want to power your Raspberry Pi or similar power demanding boards? This 5V Power Adapter is a good choice. It provides up to 3A current and has a long wire with a Micro USB connector.

This power adapter is high quality and gives stable 5V output and it works with 110V-220V. You can even safely charge your mobile phones with this.


Input Voltage110V to 220V
Output Voltage5V DC
Max Output Current3A