5mm LED Pack (50 pcs)

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5mm led pack 50 pcs 7673172250
  • 5mm led pack 50 pcs 7673172250
  • 5mm led pack 50 pcs 391914029

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This package includes 50 5mm LEDs, 5 different colors.It covers five common colors: green, red, yellow, blue & white. It is ideal for your Arduino phototype projects.Get this package of all most common color LEDs

for your next project. Very handy for experiments and home cooked circuit board.  


  • Prototyping,LED decoration ,Indicator light


  • Voltage:1.8-2.2V(Basic Red,Green,Yellow)
  • Voltage:2.4-2.7V(White,Blue)
  • Max current: 20mA
  • Suggested using current: 16-18mA 
  • The Negative lead(Cathode):Shorter Lead
  • Larger Plate inside LED
  • Flat on body of LED adjacent to negative lead
  • Positive lead (Anode):Longer Lead
  • Smaller Plate inside LED
  • Size: 36x5x5mm(1.42x0.2x0.2")


  • Basic Red LEDs   x10
  • Basic Green LED  x10
  • Basic Yellow LED x10
  • White LEDs       x10
  • Blue LEDs        x10